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Lemon Fizz

Genetics:  Super Lemon Haze X Kakalak Kush

Lemon Fizz is a cross of my Kakalak Kush and a very special Super Lemon Haze. Kakalak Kush is (Abusive Kush x Sour D) X (Chem D x Sour D) and Super Lemon Haze is (Super Silver Haze x Lemon Skunk). After trying several Lemon Fizz F1's I decided on a plant that has surpassed all my greatest expectations. I have gotten colas over 3 ounces!! The smell is so incredible, like lemon drop candies times 10. Super low leaf to Calyx ratio for easy trimming. This is one of the strongest sativas I have ever smoked. This blows the super lemon haze mother out of the water in taste, yield, smell, and trichs! Def one of my favs.  We are now on the F3 generation of the cultivar.

Wednesday, 01 May 2019