Verify Product Authenticity

CannVerify protects our products with a unique serial number linked to their blockchain based product verification system.  Lookup any one of our CannVerify serial numbers to verify whether a product is authentic.

Each registered serial number will provide details for that specific number including product name, quantity, product description & product photos.

We are working on new packaging here at Calyx Bros. Seed Co. and it will come with the CannVerify tamper evident seals on 2 sides.  Our old packaging in purple foil pouches does not have these but should come to you sealed.  If you ever feel like you have bought fake Calyx Bros seeds please contact us and let us know.

Verifying our product is simple.  Just go to CannVerify and enter the serial number or get the app and scan the code.  Also some phone cameras will scan the code as well without the need for an app.

Lemon Eyes

Fresh from testing, Lemon Eyes seems like it will be a nice addition to the family. This cross will be available with the rest of the Shut Eye line once all testing is complete.

Lemon Eyes reminds me a lot of Lemon Fizz.  The Shut Eye has added quicker finishing times and denser buds.  I found only slight variation in my test grow.  The flavors range from very lemon to lemon skunk with hints of gardenia.  I would let these go 9-10 weeks depending on the trichomes.

Eyes Pied Shut

Eyes Pied Shut has passed testing and will be dropped this summer along with the rest of the Shut Eye line.  I found 2 distinct phenotypes in my test grow.  One was more Indica and smelled like white shoe polish.  It wasn't as good of a yield as my keeper pheno.  The keeper pheno shown in the video below produce about 30 nice size kolas.  She is a heavy feeder and did not mind the extra phosphorus supplied by using Mammoth P.  She smells of blueberry pancakes with undertones of skunk.  I let her go 10 weeks but she could have been taken at 9 weeks.  Check out the video below for pics of my keeper.